My Guide to the Philippines (Part 2): Palawan

Although far apart from the main island Luzon, Palawan still belongs to this area of the philippines, where the main language is Tagalog and English. Personally I’ve only visited Puerto Princesa which is known as The City in a Forest due to its rich flora and countless Acres of forests. Worldly famous is the underground river. We rented a motorbike to discover the island on are own and visited the butterfly garden. All the People we met told us to continue to El Nido, which is a 10h bus ride in the north. But since we were still recovering from Banaue we didn’t feel manage to go there yet.

The Underground river, Puerto Princesa (

Apart from the attraction of the 30min fairy on the underground river I didn’t find Puerto Princesa worth a longer visit. There are no nice Beaches at Honda Bay, that’s why I’d fly next time directly to El Nido. Both Puerto Princesa and El Nido have their own airport hubs.

How to get there:

I personally always fly domestic with Cebu Pacific. It’s a Filipino budget airline, which offers many promo fares. It’s aproximately 50 Dollar per flight.

El Nido

Upnorth at the tip of Palawan is El Nido, which provides great picturesque sceneries: One of the worlds most reknown beaches with white sandy beaches and rocky cliffs. This island deserves to be called paradise. From there there are many Options for Island hopping.

Hostel in El Nido:

View of the Hostel

If you travel on a bigger Budget there are of course also luxury Cottages like this one on Miniloc Island:

Miniloc Resort in El Nido (Foto:
El Nido: A place for Island hopping.
Miniloc Resort, El Nido.
Kayaking through the lagoons.
sumbariner elnido
Scuba diver meets a giant turtle in El Nido Reef (Foto: